If you are one of the few not Tweeting your life story or “Liking” everything posted on FaceBook – consider yourself lucky!  Because the rest of us are really just a bunch of internet junkies.  According to a new study, Facebook is heroin, Twitter is cocaine, your email is Quaaludes, and the Internet itself is the drug dealer who’s more than happy to give you access to all those things 24 hours a day.

–Researchers at the University of Maryland took college students from 10 different countries, and monitored how they reacted when they had to go a full 24 hours without the Internet or a cell phone.  No web, no email, no social media, no texting, nothing.

–And they found a SHOCKING number of the students showed signs of addiction withdrawal . . . signs that you’d see in a heavy drug user after 24 hours.

23% of the students from the U.S. showed the signs . . . that’s almost one in four.  That was the highest of any of the countries in the study, just ahead of Chinese students . . . 22% of them showed signs of withdrawal.

–The researchers say this is another sign that Internet addiction is a VERY REAL thing . . . even if it’s not close to being recognized as a clinical disorder yet.

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