Think marijuana is good for you?  A detailed new study would say otherwise.

RRI finds there is a correlation between marijuana and opioid use

I received this in my email.  It’s from the Recovery Research Institute.  RRI isn’t a wing of the Republican Party.  It’s a team of medical professionals reviewing the harmful effects of drugs.

The latest study also builds on a wide swath of previous addiction research.  RRI finds there is a correlation between marijuana and opioid use.  Statistically significant according to the study.  In other words, it’s a gateway drug.

Also, this morning I saw a commentary at the Wall Street Journal by Patrick Kennedy.  He’s a liberal Democrat.  Once I interviewed him at a political event.  He knows addiction issues firsthand.  Addiction has been a plague on his famous family.  He has serious concerns about the dangers of legalized recreational marijuana.  Such as marketing to young kids.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Funny, after discussing this on the radio some fellow tried to tell me about the differences and benefits of hemp products (as if I didn’t know) from pot.  Classic case of deflection when people get news they don’t like.  It’s not my opinion.  It’s the findings of a medical team!

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