As a non-drinker, these kinds of studies are interesting to me. I know everyone is different and how they handle their alcohol differs with each person. I know how much Mt Dew I can drink at night before it will give me heartburn and keep me up too late. Yes, I'm at that point in my life where the heartburn is more of a worry than the caffeine. I imagine those who prefer other drinks have a similar system of measurement for determining how much is too much. A beer drinking study by found that Idaho is a state full of lightweight drinkers.

The study determined, on average, per state how many beers a person could drink before they started to feel the effects. Idaho came in second to last, only a few drops ahead of Hawaii. Idahoans claim to start to feel drunk after just under three beers. Most other states start to feel tipsy while working on their fourth beer. In addition to being at the bottom of the alcohol tolerance bracket, almost 33 percent of Idahoans say they start feeling drunk after just one beer.

The study was done to show and remind those who choose to drink that being aware of your limits is an important factor in responsible drinking. If you need help understanding your limits or in overcoming an addiction to alcohol, the site is full of helpful information. You can even chat live with the American Addiction Centers through the website.

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