Over the weekend, our family made our annual trip out near the City of Rocks to select our Christmas Tree before returning home and stopping in Hansen to see the Rock Creek lights. 

We spent four hours on Saturday (December 5) in the South Hills of Idaho scouting this year's Christmas Tree, feasting on fried chicken and experimenting with a new Hot Buttered Rum recipe. We brought a sled for our 5-year-old, but realized long before we arrived to our usual spot that it wouldn't be needed. This was the first year since 2016 that snow was in short supply.

Greg Jannetta

We timed our return home so that we could stop at the house, let our dog out (she's 12 and too old to accompany us any longer) and get a fresh change of clothes. We made it to the Hansen Rock Creek Lights just after 6:30 P.M.

While there were a good number of people wandering the property taking in the holiday illumination, it seemed like at least half of those visiting were driving through the grounds and avoiding the cold weather masses. This was my third holiday season driving out to Hansen to take in the lights, and I began to notice that what's going on in the background of the lights is actually more visually impressive than the lights themselves. The frozen streams and creeks that border the pathways offer some stunning photo opportunities.

Once again, the lights proved to be a wonderful addition to our holiday season. For those that are decorating homes for the upcoming Christmas season, one lucky area light enthusiast will score a $500 cash card the week of Christmas as part of "Light Up Twin Falls 2020."

Hansen Rock Creek Christmas Lights 2020

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