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One of the biggest cases of deer poaching in the United States recently resulted in heavy fines, jail time, license suspension and the repeated viewing of a classic Disney film.

Missouri resident David Berry Jr., along with three other individuals, are currently serving out punishments including fines in excess of $50,000 for the illegal poaching of hundreds of deer spanning three US states and Canada. The deer were taken for their heads only, with the rest of the carcasses left to rot in the woods, according to a report by

Berry, who was found to be in possession of firearms illegally, had extra time added to his 12 month sentence. The judge also ordered Berry to watch the Disney film "Bambi," once a month from jail.

I contacted the Magic Valley's Fish And Game office to discuss the incident with a local officer. I managed to get Regional Supervisor Craig White on the phone for a few minutes. I asked him about the judge's decision to include the animated film in the sentencing.

"My first response would be no comment," White said chuckling. "Well, I wouldn't second guess the judge's decision. I'm not really sure what the judge was hoping to accomplish with that though."

We went on to discuss the matter of poaching in Idaho. White informed me that many state conservation officers are out patrolling everyday, and have the right to enforce the illegal taking of wildlife, which is detailed in section 36-1404 of Idaho law.

"The citizens of Idaho are our biggest asset in these matters. They are the eyes and ears," said White. A poacher is not a hunter. And if Idaho hunters become aware of such violations, it does genuinely anger them."

I would like to thank Craig White for the time he took to address this matter.

For those that wish to get a small taste of what Mr. Berry will be reliving every month for the next year, you can view the below clip from "Bambi."


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