A widely-sold, low sodium brand of tomato paste, has been recalled by its manufacturer due to the possibility that the cans could contain mold.

Conagra Brands, makers of Hunt's tomato paste, has voluntarily recalled six-ounce cans of low sodium paste effective April 4, 2019. Fears over possible damaged containers during the packaging process initiated the recall. Consumers are being asked to discard any cans that correlate to the affected item codes, which can be found on the FDA's website.

Cans that are stamped with a best by date of October 16, 2020, are part of the recall, and consumption of the tomato product should be avoided. Consumers that have any questions regarding the recall can phone the Conagra Brands Consumer Care Team, at 888-280-0301.


Consumption of products that contain mold can cause mild to severe cases of gastrointestinal distress and other sickness. Consumers who currently have these cans of tomato paste in their possession can also return the items to the store in which they were purchased.

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