A Cincinnati-based food manufacturer is voluntarily recalling packages of its frozen mixed berries due to possible exposure to Hepatitis A.

 Kroger has announced via a June 7, 2019, press release that the company is removing packages of its private selection berries after concerns arose over Hepatitis A contamination. The recall affects two different types of frozen berries, of which Kroger ships nationwide.

The company's Frozen Triple Berry Medley--in both 48 and 16-ounce sizes--and frozen blackberries (16 oz) have been identified as being the products that could pose potential deadly health risks. Hepatitis A targets the liver and is passed on through foods, beverages and physical contact with an infected person.

Best buy dates of 6-19-20, and 07-07-20, have been pinpointed as being a marker for the potentially tainted product. Kroger has sent alerts to consumers, as well as initiated the removal of the products from its store shelves, in an effort to remedy the situation quickly.

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