A line of children's pajamas and loungewear has been recalled due to concerns the fabric may pose a fire risk.

The United States Consumer Product Commission has recalled select items of children's wear sold at Ragdoll & Rockets, a national clothing website. According to details of the recall posted to the USCPSC site, the items do not meet the current federal flammability standards. The recall went into effect on September 10, 2019.

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More than 14,000 units of five different styles of the website's product--items ranging from kid's Onesies to pajama shorts, to drawstring pants--are included in the recall of the 100 percent micro-polyester clothing. Items that don't meet the federal guidelines pose a burn risk.

Recalled sizes are two through six, and small through extra large. Some of the flagged prints include Owl, Panda, Hello Bunny, Elephant, Big Stars, Rainbow Glow and Winter Deer.

People who have ordered, or have these recalled items in their possession, should contact Ragdoll & Rockets, at 888-669-9313. Refunds are being offered by the seller. The clothing was manufactured in China.

The clothing, aside from being sold on the Ragdoll & Rockets website, can also be found at boutiques nationwide. Ragdolls & Rockets is headquartered in Gardena, California.

No injuries have been reported. Those who wish to report an incident directly caused by the recalled items can click here for more assistance. Those who might unknowingly have these clothing items in their possession likely purchased the clothing between May 2018 and May 2019. This recall is number is 19-204.




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