I came across a report that a strange creature had washed ashore at Bear Lake at the Utah/Idaho border. But, I have found a few things that make me question if this is yet another Bear Lake monster hoax.

The article is dated December 16, 2016 on the World News Daily Report website. Just the name of the site makes me suspicious, but more on that another day. The story claims a couple of locals came upon some remains and includes a couple of pictures.

Whoever wrote this also claims that...

A group of experts from the Utah Division of Wildlife Ressources, directed by Dr. Brian Upton, was rapidly dispatched on the site to inspect the creature.

I'll just forgive the fact that they misspelled "resources". But, big problem #1 is there are no links to reference where these Utah Division of Wildlife Resources people made their statements.

Bigger problem #2: the pictures in the story have been shared before earlier in 2016 as this YouTuber points out. Fox 13 in Salt Lake City also documented this hoax.

I'm not saying there isn't some beast at/in Bear Lake. Is it a monster or some Utah dude with back hair issues? I have no idea. But, the pics you're seeing (as of now) are nothing more than hot air.

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