Don't worry!  Dry your tears!  Jon Bon Jovi is NOT Dead.  It was just a stupid hoax that spread quicker then a STD.

My crack source that said the singer is NOT deceased is coming from Gossip Cop, very reliable. :-)  Still don't believe me?

Just Google it and you'll find plenty of proof!  So what started it all?

First, it started on Twitter with a fake press release.  Check it out here.  Wow, that was a really crappy press release.  In it, it stated his cause of death was cardiac arrest.  If this were really the case, he should have heeded his own advice and just taken a damn Advil once per day.

In short, Jon Bon Jovi lives to "Have A Nice Day!"

More proof - Here's a picture, with a time and date from Bon Jovi's Facebook page:

Bon Jovi Alive

PS - I'm glad you and your hair are still alive.

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