For those of us that grew up in the eighties, trips to area diners for malts or shakes were routine for a lot of families. Television shows such as Happy Days and Alice brought attention to the diner lifestyle that included sassy waitresses, jukeboxes, boisterous cooks, and bottomless coffee.

My dad used to take my brother and I out to diners all the time after our parents divorced in the early eighties. He couldn't cook to save his life, so we ate at places like Ruby's and Mel's Diners quite often. My pap enjoyed flirting with the waitresses also and averaged about six cups of coffee every visit.

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One of my early jobs in high school was making shakes at a Ruby's Diner. It was the dirtiest job I ever had. If it weren't for an apron, I'd have gone home every night stained with strawberries and chocolate. Socially, it was worth the dirty clothes and long hours.

In the late eighties, an animated series called Dixie's Diner came out. It was pretty popular, and actually spawned a toy line and a few western United States restaurants with the same name. People can find old clips and episodes of the series on YouTube.

There's a Dixie's Diner located just two hours northeast of Twin Falls in Idaho Falls. The menu features classics such as burgers and fries, patty melts, shakes, and chicken fried steak. The restaurant is located at 2150 Channing Way.

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