Only In Your State recently documented 11 movies that have been filmed in Idaho. That reminded me of the two movies that were filmed right here in the Magic Valley. Both of them are beyond strange. Big shock, right?

Magic Valley was shot in Buhl and Twin Falls back in 2011. 'Shot' is a good way to refer to it considering the story line. Two kids find a young lady expired and decide to bury her. That's the happy part of the movie. The finding out what happened to her is even more depressing.

Then there's the Bruce Willis movie that was filmed in Twin Falls back in the late 90's. No, it wasn't one of the Diehard movies. Not even close. "Breakfast of Champions" was beyond wacky. The fact that Nick Nolte runs through town wearing lingerie should tell you something.

In the movie, Twin Falls becomes Midland City. Dwayne Hoover (Bruce Willis character) is going crazy. They pretend the city they're in is located in the Midwest. Nope, it's Twin Falls and when you think about it, what better city to lose your mind than here?

Did you see these gems, and if so, did you enjoy them? Or, are you in denial? If you haven't seen them, that's what Netflix is for.

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