Famous movie star and fashion icon, Marilyn Monroe, is trending again. Her legendary life has once again been depicted on the big screen in the recent release Blonde, which came out about a month ago. Marilyn made multiple trips to southern Idaho in her days as a model and film star, and one site she sang and danced at for a film role stood for decades just 70 miles north of Twin Falls.

Long before she became the most popular movie actress in the world, Marilyn Monroe was a struggling model. There's even a 1951 photograph of her wearing a potato sack with the words, "Twin Falls, Idaho," stamped across the front of it. The late icon also spent some time about 90 minutes north of the city on location for a 1956 film titled, Bus Stop.

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Ketchum is a community of roughly 3,000 people in Blaine County. It's the gateway to Sun Valley, which is a popular tourist destination and stomping ground for the wealthy throughout the year. The area was also home to the famous writer Ernest Hemingway before he died in 1961.

Located at 13574 Highway 75 in Ketchum was the North Fork Store, which doubled as the venue Monroe performed at in the film. Of all the famous film location sites Idaho has provided the movie industry over the years, this Ketchum location is the closest to the Magic Valley of all of them. That's if you're not counting Breakfast of Champions (shot in Twin Falls)  starring Bruce Willis and Brad Weiser.

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