In a long-overdue move reflecting the kinship with the feline community they established with the title of their 1979 Nine Lives LP, REO Speedwagon have licensed their No. 1 hit "Can't Fight This Feeling" for a new cat food commercial.

The ad uses the band's plaintive ballad as the soundtrack for a story of love, hunger and Sheba Perfect Portions. As the commercial opens, a man and woman burst into an apartment in the throes of passion, lustily disrobing one another while REO Speedwagon frontman Kevin Cronin sings about feelings and not being able to fight them — but before the couple can adjourn to the bedroom, the man is called away by an urgent psychic distress signal from his cat.

So strong is the bond between pet and owner, in fact, that he is forced to leave his lady friend blinded in a state of partial undress, stumbling about the apartment and bumping into walls while searching in vain for the man of her dreams. Her hunger is real, but it will have to wait until those Sheba Perfect Portions are dispensed. Will there be enough in the cupboard? Will she fall down the stairs before he returns? Is it okay to feed your cat with your pants around your ankles?

We won't spoil the answers to those questions for you, but they're all revealed in the 30-second spot, which we've included above for your viewing convenience. Check it out, and adjust your grocery list — and/or dating habits — accordingly.

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