Of all the Thanksgiving-related stories I've shared, this might be the weirdest. There's a new report that Idaho is lacking when it comes to turkey jobs. Right.

I have to admit something embarrassing. When I first saw this report from Zippia, I thought they meant jobs FOR turkeys. It's not that. Duh.

As it turns out, the study is talking about jobs (for humans, not turkeys) in the turkey industry. As you can see by the map, Idaho is lacking in this area.


Idaho ranks a very disappointing #39. But, it's not just us. Other than the show-offs in Utah, the mountain states generally suck when it comes to turkey jobs.

But, when it comes to who eats the most turkey at Thanksgiving, I'm betting Idaho fares better than a meager #39. (*sound of forks and knives sharpening*)

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