The investigation into the murder of three people attending a recent festival in Northern California has determined that the weapon used by the teenager responsible was purchased in Nevada.

Three people, including a 6-year-old boy, were shot to death on July 28 while attending the Gilroy Garlic Festival. The 19-year-old male who committed the killings gained access to the property by cutting through a fence, and then proceeded to shoot randomly into a crowd of attendees. It has been determined that the AK-47 assault rifle used was purchased in the city of Fallon, Nevada, according to information provided by Fallon is located approximately 400 miles southwest of Twin Falls.

The perpetrator was shot and killed by local police just moments after he began firing into crowds. According to investigating officers, the purchase was made legally at a shop called Big Mike's Guns And Ammo.

Anyone who might have witnessed the shootings is being asked to contact a special hotline that has been set up to assist with the investigation. That number is 408-846-0584.



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