With less than two weeks until Memorial Day, officials for Grand Teton National Park just announced it will reopen following weeks of closure due to the Coronavirus on a closely managed, slightly restricted scale.

For those in Twin Falls that have been waiting on area state and surrounding national parks to lift visitor bans in defense of COVID-19, the reopening announcement of Grand Teton National Park to recreational access has been made by the park's front office. The park will begin its first phase of reopening on Monday, May 18.

The official website for the park detailed the limited access that will be granted to visitors beginning Monday. Primary road access, day-use trails, restrooms, lake fishing, paths free from snow packs and select view points will be accessible.

The announcement also detailed services and perks that will remain unavailable for use until further notice. Those amenities include visitor centers, food service, boating, marinas, camp grounds and special permits; over night lodging and camping is still prohibited, according to the park's website.

Grand Teton National Park extends through central and northwestern Wyoming, with the southern entrance accessible just 280 miles northeast of Twin Falls. The park's summit rises to over 13,700 feet. May's average temperature for Grand Teton National Park is 60 degrees.

Further details on park procedures and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for visitation to national parks during the current pandemic, can be found by clicking here.

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