The UEFA Euro 2012 is finally over, culminating with a 4-0 win for Spain on Sunday. Team Espana goalkeeper Iker Castillas pitched the shutout thanks to his mind-numbingly hot girlfriend, sideline reporter Sara Carbonero, staying out of his view. There are those who still think the game is difficult to watch due to the excessive flopping and lack of scoring, and if you’re part of that group, try the RoboCup instead.

The Robot Soccer World Cup is an international robotics competition founded in 1997 with the goal of creating a team of fully autonomous, robot soccer players that can beat the winner of the most recent World Cup by the mid-21st Century.

Judging by the video from this year’s Cup in Mexico City, they’re a long ways away from fulfilling that goal. But at least their flops seem more genuine than the Razzie-worthy acting we see on the real pitch.

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