I am not surprised but much anymore, but this one made me do a double take. The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has a rooster available for adoption. If you don't live in city limits and you want a rooster, or maybe you're missing one, check it out.

This guy is actually really pretty. He is available for adoption after 2:30 p.m. on Friday May 22nd. If you know who owns this guy please let the Twin Falls Animal Shelter know. If no one claims him then you can definitely adopt him yourself.

Anyone interested in or missing a Rooster?? Found 5/20 and will be ready for adoption 5/22 after 2:30pm.
**CAN NOT be adopted to a home in City limits****
Please call the shelter for inquiries!🐓🐣

Posted by People For Pets - Twin Falls Animal Shelter on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Roosters are not allowed within city limits and I believe 5 hens are allowed to be on one property. I am not sure if this is a friendly rooster or a mean rooster. The last experience I had with a rooster was a Polish Rooster named Joe and he liked to attack me. In fact he liked to attack everyone with his razor sharp talons. But there was something charming about him.

If I did not live in city limits I would definitely consider getting a rooster and some hens, get myself some adorable baby chicks. The problem is I would want them as pets and my boyfriend would want them as food. It is the same reason I am not allowed to have a pet cow or pig. Stupid rules.

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