I saw this on Drudge, which means you'll either completely believe this or think it's a joke. But, there is a rumor that US jets are going through mock dog-fights with Russian jets over Nevada right now.

I fully realize that our pilots train for stuff like this all the time, but the conclusion drawn on this Daily Mail story is that the exercises are being carried out because we're getting ready for a war with Russia. Have a nice day.

The planes in question include my personal favorite among US fighters, the vaunted F-16 Falcon. These planes rock. The SU-27 is a Russian plane that is also utilized by the Chinese. Maybe we're fighting them, too. So much good news here.

To add intrigue to this story, the pictures shared by an air traffic controller were taken the same day that Donald Trump was elected President. So, there's that.

All I can say in response to this story is..."WOLVERINES!" (Obscure Red Dawn reference)

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