Santa Claus came through despite a second weather system to drop snow in the Magic Valley in 48 hours. Sunday night's snowfall wasn't exactly a Christmas miracle--it was more like the first sign of a winter that began on Thursday with very little to show for it-- but it did provide Twin Falls with the white Christmas many were hoping for.

Throughout Sunday evening as we hosted a family dinner made up of meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, peanut butter blossom cookies, and various other holiday nibbles, I was keeping an eye on Santa's travels via my sleigh tracker. A debate even broke out in our living room concerning a few, puzzling navigational decisions made by the jolly fat man. According to Norad's tracking site, more than 7.2 billion gifts were delivered on Christmas eve.

After our family's annual reading of "The Night Before Christmas," we wrapped up games and movies and said goodbye to family. It was still snowing lightly when my wife and I (the last ones up) decided to turn in at around 2am. I received a nudge shortly after, alerting me that Santa had just flown over the Boise area.

According to an unofficial measurement taken from snow build up on my patio table in the backyard, Twin Falls has received somewhere in the ballpark of 4.5 inches of snow since Friday.

I appreciate the efforts made by Mr. Clause and his team of reindeer, for navigating Sunday evening's snowy conditions, and making good on his promises. He is indeed a man of his word.

And thanks for my tickets to see the Killers in February!

Merry Christmas everyone!



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