As recently as November of 2010, Sebastian Bach's drinking habits helped land him in trouble with the law, but today he says he's clean and (mostly) sober. How did he make the change?

Bach shared his journey back from the bottle during a recent interview with the Mike James Rock Show, conducted backstage at the Sonisphere Festival over the Fourth of July weekend. "I know this is gonna come as a shock to the continent of Europe, but I don't drink anymore," he chuckled. "Pretty f---ing weird and crazy, isn't it? I'm not exactly straight-edge, but I don't drink alcohol. I might have a smoke once in awhile, but I don't drink."

Part of what motivated his decision to stop, he admitted, was simply a desire to hang onto his career. "You know the game monopoly? Do not pass 'Go,' do not collect $200, go straight to jail? That's, like, what drinking is for me," Bach continued. "I just get pretty crazy on it, and I don't know when to stop. Some people can be social and have a drink now and then. When I start drinking, I don't know when to stop. I drank every night of my life for probably 25 years -- every f---ing night. And I loved it. But you have to make a choice of whether you wanna be in this for a long time or not be your best. It's a very challenging environment."

Adding that he looks and feels better since quitting drinking, Bach compared his own story to those of peers like Duff McKagan, who downed a few with him while Skid Row was touring with Guns N' Roses. "We had a good time. But now he's totally straight. I think his pancreas exploded or some crazy s---," laughed Bach. "When your pancreas explodes, maybe it's time to change your way of doing things."

Of particular inspiration to Bach is Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who's had his own issues with substance abuse. "All joking aside, I look up to people like Steven Tyler -- a guy that keeps screaming and keeps singing in his 60s," he concluded. "I mean, I was lucky enough to be born with this voice, and I will be singing in my 60s. If I live that long, I will be singing, because I'm almost that age," he laughed. "So that's easy."

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