These are exciting times for those who love to look to the night sky and wonder what is out there. I don't own a telescope so when I want to see some special celestial event I usually head to the Herret Center for their viewing parties. They have a Solar viewing coming up in August and the event is free. There is a special planetary event happening right now that you can see from the comfort of your home. Jupiter is so close to Earth right now that you can see it with your naked eye (usually to the right of the moon and Saturn is to the left on the Western horizon) and if you have a good pair of binoculars you should even be able to see some of the moons, the great Red Spot, and clouded atmosphere!

NASA has a great video explanation of what to look for and where to look. Also this month you should be able to see Mercury and Mars along with Saturn and Jupiter. During the day you can check out the pictures and information coming from the Juno spacecraft orbiting Jupiter. NASA recently made their entire media library available and free to the public for use.

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