Great news Twin Falls! The Shake Out is planning to re-open in the next month.

For months now we've been witnessing the construction taking place at 1186 Kimberly Road, where the Shake Out has been a Twin Falls fixture for years. In September of 2018, an incident involving a pair of vehicles resulted in heavy damage to the business. Fast-forward 18 months and the Shake Out is just about ready to open back up.

"We will be serving basically the same food items as before," said Merilee Waters, while we spoke in the lobby of Townsquare Media on Wednesday afternoon. "We are going to be slimming down the menu boards just a bit."

I reached out to Merilee in September of 2019, just about a one year after the accident, and she was unable to get into detail regarding the progress and had just had surgery. She said she'd get back to us as it got closer to the time they planned to open.

Merilee and her husband Harold are still the owners and have been running the business since 2006. Merilee said they were confident they would be operating the Shake Out six days a week (closed Sundays) starting either later this month, or in early April at the latest.

New tables and benches are currently going into the location, and they are awaiting a final inspection of the place. But, they are getting very close, according to Merilee.

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