So, you think you've played 'em all? By the power of electricity and potato combined, I challenge you to the Shocktato!

I'm in Twin Falls' local toy establishment, ToyTown, to purchase small things for some little people. While there, I peruse the display toys. ToyTown is a dangerous place for me. I have more than once made a purchase because of "Hey, have you tried this?"

I had not tried the Shocktato and it looked intriguing. I was having a dinner get together that evening and this seemed like it would be a fun addition. I was not disappointed. It's hot potato with a twist. 3 settings: I thought it was 3 intensity settings, but no. The shock level doesn't change.  There's just music, music with a surprise ending, or the extreme no music setting. It's kinda like testing a 9V battery on your tongue.

Not for small young'uns or quite literally those of the faint of heart, this is definitely for teens and adults. Try it with a challenge. Name an actor before you can pass, maybe things that are red. Pick a topic and pass! Then name one off before the buzzzzzzzzz. NEXT!


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