It's time to officially say goodbye to warm weather for the next seven months in southern Idaho. Rolling hoses, chimney sweeping, clearing sprinkler lines, and putting mowers away for the winter are all a good usage of time in the coming days.

Those of you who like to complain about the heat in the warmer months can now breathe a sigh of relief until June. Although we officially entered into fall almost two weeks ago, the temperatures have been relatively warm since. This weather trend will end Thursday, as rain showers are coming, along with overnight lows in the twenties by Monday (October 13).

It's that time of the year again to clear rain gutters, patch leaks, and tackle all of the other home maintenance projects you've been putting off. I will be spending a good deal of time this weekend hunting in the shop for our portable heaters, and I also have some rotted wood on one of our windows that needs replacing.

The current forecast for Twin Falls is predicting showers on Wednesday and Thursday. An approaching cold front will drop evening temperatures in the region down into the twenties by Monday. Friday's high for Twin Falls is projected at 56, according to

The average daytime high for Twin Falls over the next seven days is going to be roughly 60-degrees.  For safety tips during extreme winter weather, click here. Southern Idaho is prone to lightning storms and heavy wind, so now is a good time to get prepared.

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