If there's one thing we know about the weather in southern Idaho, it's that we should never bet the farm on predictions exceeding more than say 48 hours. For those hoping to see some snow on the ground on Christmas morning, there are a couple of weather sites predicting a white Christmas throughout parts of southern Idaho.

With temperatures expected to warm through this weekend following a couple of days where Magic Valley lows dropped well into the teens, I thought I'd do some searching to see if this trend was predicted to carry through the Christmas holiday. I got at least one answer from the people at weather.com, and it came in the form of a Christmas Eve travel forecast where snow is predicted for a large portion of southern, eastern and western Idaho.

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Weather.com; Dec 24, 2019

In fact, if the weather prediction does end up carrying any weight, it won't be only south Idaho receiving a fresh blanket of snow in the hours leading up to Christmas morning. Eastern Nevada, northern Arizona  western Colorado and western Wyoming are all in the path of an approaching jet stream that could help bring snow to the western United States.

Twin Falls Production
Weatherstreet.com; Dec 24, 2019

A decent amount of snowfall for December 24, 2019, is expected to extend from southern Idaho into northwestern Utah, according to these recent predictions. Anyone traveling on Christmas Eve in south Idaho should be prepared for the possibility of dicey weather.

As things look right now, the Midwest, as well as central portion of the U.S., does seem as if it will be spared from any bad weather over the time period, with temperatures above seasonal averages.

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