Not only did the Broncos dominate last Saturday's football game against Hawaii, but I also didn't have a huge bill at Canyon Crest! My in-laws and husband swung by to see me in action at the BSU Bash and to try to win some prizes for themselves and in the process they ate and drank!

They drank way too many dollar drafts (I drove my husband home), a bunch of appetizers and the whole thing was under $30. So that's five of us eating and two of them drinking.  What I'm saying is, you can eat and drink at Canyon Crest without breaking the bank. Now you know.

This Saturday, the broncos are taking on Colorado State at 1:30 PM and Canyon Crest will be opened early for the game.  Now, I won't be broadcasting live there this Saturday, but those same affordable prices will be there at Canyon Crest THIS Saturday.

GO BRONCOS!  Oh and here's those incriminating photos from last weekend's BSU Bash at Canyon Crest:


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