A former southwest Idaho caregiver to an elderly couple has been found guilty of a number of crimes, including having the woman's deceased husband cremated without her knowledge. It took the jury three days to come to its decision.

An Ada County judge has found the actions of Sherri L. Watring, 53, of southwest Idaho, to be so egregious that she has been charged with multiple felony counts of abuse and neglect, according to case information provided by ktvb.com.

Watring, who has refused to accept any blame for her actions, was at one time the main caregiver for an elderly Idaho couple, whose names have been withheld. The elderly woman's husband passed on in 2018, two years after Watring was granted control over the couple's finances. It has been reported she took in upwards of $1,000 from the couple's account, before granting access to have the man's body cremated without consulting his wife.

In the years Watring was the couple's caregiver, she also reportedly ignored some of their medical issues, as well as didn't consistently tend to their meals. Watring has been charged with multiple felony counts, a charge of exploitation and one misdemeanor theft charge.

It's been reported that Watring also stole the husband's remains, and dumped them in an area not known by the wife. She then turned in the container that held the man's remains to police.The woman died about a year after her husband.

The trial lasted 72 hours before the conviction was handed down. The sentencing portion of the case has been scheduled for March 6, 2020.





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