By now most Idahoans have heard the news that Lori Vallow has been found guilty on all counts involving the murders of her two kids. She stood in an Idaho courtroom while the verdict was read on Friday, May 12.

The gruesome murders of J.J. Vallow and Tylee Ryan have officially been avenged by a group of men and women selected as jurors in the case brought against Lori Vallow, who took part in unspeakable acts against her two kids in 2019. The fact that Vallow will spend the rest of her life in prison may not satisfy everyone who has followed the case, but justice has been served. The remains of the kids were found buried in 2020 on the property of her husband Chad Daybell.

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I'm with a lot of you on this one. It's a shame that Lori Vallow will not face the death penalty in this case due to a ridiculous decision made by the judge. In all my years of writing and reporting on crime dating back to 1996, this story is the worst I've ever contributed my thoughts to.

A bill that recently passed in the Senate has made Idaho a state that is eligible for death by firing squad. I still believe Vallow should suffer a fate worse than prison time; this punishment doesn't fit the crime. To be blunt, she should have her life snuffed out at the hands of fellow human beings much like she did with her own kids.

Do you believe Lori Vallow should face an Idaho firing squad?

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