With the state-mandated, stay-at-home order still in effect until April 30, 2020, a northern Idaho woman faces disciplinary action for hosting a yard sale.

A Rathdrum woman was recently given a ticket by local police after she hosted a yard sale during the current stay-at-home order issued by Governor Brad Little, according to details shared by foxnews.com. Governor Little extended the order an additional 15 days on April 15, as a way to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The northern Idaho yard sale host had reportedly been warned by Rathdrum police prior to her being cited for the misdemeanor offence, in which she received a court summons this week, according to foxnews.com.

Along with the issue of the stay-at-home order came a penalty of a potential $1,000 fine and a jail term of up to six months. The yard sale reportedly drew a large number of locals, and also angered some area residents, according to Fox.

Remaining at least six feet from one another (social distancing), washing hands routinely with soap and water, avoiding touching one's mouth in public, keeping away from people who appear ill and sanitizing store shopping carts prior to usage, are all being encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

In recent weeks in Twin Falls, I have noticed more and more people wearing masks as well, although there has been no order to do so by state government officials. A quarantine period of 14 days is the standard for those who believe they might have been exposed. For information on Coronavirus testing in Twin Falls, click here.

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