We don't get to see the Northern Lights in Southern Idaho very often. Even in the last few years when we have had the possibility of seeing them, it has been slim. I've heard from those in Idaho fortunate enough to have seen the lights is that you need to travel to somewhere dark, minimal light pollution, like Craters of the Moon. What you really need in order to see them more consistently is either a vacation to location known to have the best views or a live video feed from that destination. Since nobody is travelling right now, the live video feed is your best option. We are also lucky that right now (early spring) is one of the best times to see the Aurora Borealis and Expolre.org has a camera pointed at the night sky streaming the live video.

I watched the video for a while last night with my kids and didn't see anything spectacular, but that didn't stop us from watching and hoping. If you aren't as bored in your social isolation, you can check the National Weather Service website for when you'll have the best chance of seeing the dancing lights in Manitoba, where Explore has the camera. The video is actually pretty peaceful to watch during the day too, but you won't see the Aurora during the day. Instead you could switch over to the live video feed of the Shoshone Falls during the day and the Aurora Borealis at night.

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