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Where are they coming from?  Last week I posted a story about Idaho being the nation’s top destination for movers.  The figures were compiled by United Van Lines, which tracks where its trucks go with households.  Four of the top 5 states for move in are here in the west.  Two border Idaho (Oregon and Washington). 

The top 4 names on the list are known as high tax states.

Then I came across a site, which you can see by clicking here, and a writer asks where are they all coming from?  Most moves to Idaho have traditionally been from California.  It makes sense.  It’s not far away and with more than a tenth of the country living in the Golden State, there are simply far more people moving elsewhere in any given year.  California is listed only 7th for outbound moves by United Van Lines.  The top 4 names on the list are known as high tax states.  New Jersey, Illinois, New York and Connecticut.  North Dakota makes the top 10 moving out but it’s likely because of the boom-bust nature of the state’s energy industry.

The New York listing intrigued me.  I grew up in rural Southwestern New York State, which is more Midwest than Northeast.  Its economy is terrible.  My best friend operates a dairy farm there.  It has been in his family since the 1830s.  He compares the current economy to the 1930s.

Sunday morning I saw a car on Blue Lakes Boulevard and it had New York plates, although.  The driver must be a transplant from the urban Downstate New York.  Why?  Because she can’t drive in a dusting of snow!  She was doing 15 MPH in a 35 MPH zone.  She often needed both northbound lanes.

Where I grew up snowfall is measured in feet and not inches.  New York City has a different climate and if those people are coming here, may God help us, all!

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