There's a new movie that's been made about Idaho and it's really not bad at all. In fact, it's actually really good. It's not often that I recommend you spend over 45 minutes watching a video I share. This is a welcome exception.

Indie Rights has uploaded a trailer of "Idaho The Movie" to their YouTube channel. It's narrated by author Tim Woodward and is very professionally done with great vistas blended with a few interviews.

The filmmakers did a great job highlighting many different parts of Idaho instead of just spending all their time in Boise or the more mountainous north part of our state.

The Perrine Bridge makes its appearance at about the 15 minute mark along with many other parts of the Magic Valley. And, yes, Shoshone Falls is featured around 17 minutes in.

If you love Idaho, please watch this. You can rent it for just $1.99 on YouTube. It's not often someone really takes the time to show why we love this state.

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