A man camping at a site in southeastern Idaho has been allegedly cited for disturbing others while intoxicated with a pelican. The incident is alleged to have occurred approximately 185 miles northeast of Twin Falls.

Public intoxication and camping is an all too familiar reality. I've seen some pretty crazy things while out in the Idaho mountains. A full weekend of drunken Pantera fans as neighbors in the Sawtooth Mountains ranks way up there on my list.

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It's definitely not cool to mess with animals while your drunk and camping. Some animals you might come across in the Gem State mountains on a camping trip include bears, snakes, wolves, deer, mountain lions, and others. I'm not sure if pelicans are really native to southeastern Idaho, as I've never personally seen one while outdoors.

A strange story has surfaced that involves a man being allegedly cited for resisting officers and disturbing the peace while exhibiting out-of-control, drunken behavior involving a pelican. Independent is one news source that shared the story of the incident that is said to have happened a few days ago at Warm Slough Campground near Rexburg.

It's not known if the animal was in the possession of the camper prior to visiting the site, or if it somehow was discovered in the wild. It's perhaps the most bizarre story involving the outdoors, animals, and an Idahoan since a 2020 incident where a Gem State man was cited for boiling chickens in a Yellowstone National Park hot spring.

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