I never knew a society of flag enthusiasts existed until recently. A southern Idaho city that was at one point considered to be symbolized by an eyesore gently waving in the breeze has now awed a segment of the United States population.

Flags are a source of pride that represent everything from sports franchises to freedom. In most countries, there are rules on how to properly display them on porches, military bases, at schools, and on the grounds of city and state government buildings. They are meant to be saluted, respected, and acknowledged.

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City flags, although they might be considered less important than a nation or country's symbol, are still held in high regard by those who have staked a claim within its boundaries.

A survey from a few months back by the North American Vexillological Association identified Pocatello as having one of the country's most attractive city symbols. Pocatello is located 114 miles east of Twin Falls and is home to roughly 57,000 residents. I've passed through the city, which boasts the Idaho Museum of Natural History, Portneuf River, and some fantastic hiking and biking trails,  just a couple of times in all my years as a southern Idaho resident.

Next time you pass through the city and see the flag displayed outside a business or near the tourist center, you can admire those red mountains with that bright, yellow sun setting (or rising depending on opinions) above. Personally, it might be the best in the Gem State.

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