What Do You Do When Customer Service Sucks?
Bad customer service happens to us all, but I am not sure I have ever left a place of business because of bad service.
According to a new survey by “Consumer Reports” from PR Newswire, two out of three people say they’ve walked out of a store because of bad…
Survey Seeks to Find the Worst American Sports Scandal
Jim Tressel has resigned as Ohio State’s football coach in the wake of an ever-growing tattoo-for-memorabilia exchange scandal, but would you classify that as the biggest scandal in sports history?
The New England Sports Network (NESN) seeks to answer that question, with your help, in…
What are the Most Common Regrets of the Dying?
We only have a certain amount of sand in the hourglass, so we need to make sure the grains count before it's too late.
A woman named Bronnie Ware who once worked as a nurse has put out a list of the five most common regrets she encountered with people who were dying.
Survey Gauges Global Feelings On Adultery
It's a good thing Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent philandering came to light after he left office because it would have severely hindered his chances at getting re-elected governor of California.
A new survey of 12,500 singles from around the world by the online dating site Zoosk has shed li…