Some homes have more than one, and they are known to store small, practical items that homeowners use on a weekly basis. A survey from a few months ago has identified what the number one Idaho junk drawer item is, and there are more than a dozen different kinds of the product.

We have two to three junk drawers in our home. They hold mainly things like mini screwdrivers, paper clips, highlighters, notepads, phone chargers, calculators, rulers, light bulbs, staplers, batteries, glue, scissors, and one other item that a survey taken last summer claims is in every Idaho junk drawer.

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Let's see if you can guess what this item is before I reveal it to you. Here are some clues:

1. Kids ask for it constantly.

2. There are more than a dozen common types of it.

3. Some claim one specific kind can fix anything.

Yes, you guessed it. Tape is the number one item found in Idaho junk drawers, according to the survey. Many people think duct tape is the answer to most things broken. I'd rather use duct tape than crazy glue, which I find to be a waste of money.

Junk drawers can be found throughout homes as well. Some are in kitchens, shops, garages, mud rooms, and offices, but most contain the same objects. My eight-year-old son asks for tape at least five times a week, so I'd have to agree with the survey's findings.

When it comes to your Idaho junk drawer, would you say tape is the most common item?

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