A south Idaho hunter who came across an injured bear and took it home to attempt to rehabilitate it recently had the animal seized by state Fish and Game. The hunter kept the bear in a dog crate in the home's garage.

After being alerted to the situation, Idaho Fish and Game have removed a black bear cub from a Boise residence after it had been determined a hunter was caring for the animal, that was described by the hunter as hurt and alone when it was found, according to details provided by KTVB.

The hunter, a man by the name of Charles Erickson, commented that he covered the injured cub up and transported it to his home due to the animal's wounded state. Erickson, who was hunting at the time, reportedly feared the animal would die if he didn't act. The bear was cared for by the man's family, spending most of its time in the backyard, and in the family dog's crate in the garage.

Idaho Fish and Game went to the hunter's home after receiving word the wounded animal was there. The department urges those who come across injured animals to leave them alone, as attempting to move them can be extremely dangerous.

The cub is currently being cared for at a rehabilitation center west of Boise. The family had apparently nicknamed the animal, "Chewey."

For further information on what steps to take if you happen to come across an injured animal in the woods, click here.





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