Idaho is a hunter's paradise. When a hunter is out in the backcountry, they should be ready for anything. Flying cougars don't normally land in the classification of "anything."

I'm not a hunter. It's just not a hobby I ever wanted to pursue. I'm good with kayaking and collecting sports memorabilia.

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I do own guns and enjoy target shooting. I'm just not someone that would enjoy blowing away an animal, but more power to those that do. I've seen some crazy things in the outdoors, from charging bears to a pack of wolves surrounding a nearby campfire, but the only cougars I've ever seen are of the horny, older lady variety.

An incredible video was uploaded just days ago to YouTube and is titled, "Idaho's Superman Cougar." It was posted on the channel Hunter Hunting and is less than a minute long. It shows a cougar at least 60 feet up in a tree launching itself down to the snow-covered, forest floor, which makes me believe this video is a few months old seeing as it's September and Idaho is on the backend of one of the hottest summers ever.

It's an amazing clip, and the person who filmed it has some brass cojones. I'm not sure the footage is worth the risk, but it's still badass. It proves that cats DO always land on their feet (paws), and also proves hunters are absolutely nuts.

Be careful out there Idaho hunters. Cougars, in particular, should be given a little bit of space.

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