An Idaho Falls man was arrested Tuesday after it was discovered the toddler he was babysitting sustained serious head injuries.

James Dunkle, 30, contacted police and reported the child he had been watching sustained a fall and was unconscious. Dunkle was supervising the 18-month-old, which belonged wo his girlfriend, when he reported the accident, according to a report by

The Bonneville County Sheriff's Department responded, along with an ambulance, and the child was driven to an area hospital. During questioning, Dunkle reportedly admitted to intentionally harming the toddler he was watching while his girlfriend was at work. The toddler sustained trauma to the body and head.

The child was ultimately flown to the Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City, where treatment was given. The current condition of the toddler has not been reported.

The case is currently under investigation by law enforcement in Idaho Falls. Under Idaho law (Section 18-1501) the crime could carry with it a one to ten year jail sentence.

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