Madison County Jail

A southeast Idaho woman was arrested last week after she allegedly attacked a pregnant therapist at a treatment facility for people with developmental disabilities.

The Rexburg Police Department arrested 21-year-old Mikaela Ivie on Thursday (January 24) for kicking and shoving a pregnant employee at the clinic she was being treated at, according to a report by eastidahonews.com. Ivie also reportedly threatened the life of the employee's unborn child verbally.

Arrest records reveal the attacker is being charged with aggravated battery, due to the fact the victim is expecting and "great bodily harm" could have resulted. Ivie is currently being held at Madison County Jail. She is scheduled to be in court today to face charges.

Aggravated Battery carries with it a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison (Idaho Code 18-908) and up to 15 years probation. No details have been released yet as far as the current health of the unborn baby or victim.


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