A southwest Idaho resident recently reported an incident of an unidentified aerial phenomenon that flew incredibly low to the ground, and cast an orange glow that illuminated the entire backyard of the home.

The state of Idaho has now had its third official report of an UAF in the new year. This most recent incident in Boise took place on the evening of January 17 (Sunday), at approximately 7 P.M. (MT). The National UFO Reporting Center logged the occurrence a short time after the southwest Idaho resident reported it, and shared the details to its official website on January 19.

According to the information provided by the NUFORC, an "orange, fiery sphere" lit up the resident's backyard, and at one point was flying at approximately 30 feet above the home. The object then reportedly traveled at a high rate of speed in a northwest to east direction, and completely disappeared.

Idaho has been no stranger in recent years of reports of UAF to the national center. In 2019, there were close to 100 sightings statewide. Last year had its share of reports as well, including a recorded YouTube upload in late-September that appears to show a large, metallic object, hovering slowly over the Boise area.

This is the second reported case of an unexplained sighting to take place in the state's capital in 2021. The other incident was reported on January 10, 2021, along US- Highway 95, near the city of Colburn. The report detailed multiple, small lights, that moved across the sky.

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