Idaho recently had its sixth sighting of the year of an unidentified aerial phenomenon to a national reporting center. An individual west of Boise called it in after witnessing some sort of craft in the early morning hours of May 17.

The National UFO Reporting Center just updated its website five days ago to include the report of an unidentified aerial phenomenon west of Boise, that was sighted on May 17, at 9:54 A.M. The center investigated the claim for more than a week before posting the details of the incident.

The incident lasted approximately five-minutes, according the NUFORC website. The witness also said the object left a contrail, and appeared through binoculars to look like a "sparkling sword." The object disappeared into what the witness described as "an entire different dimension." The witness also added "OMG," to the incident report.

The previous incident reported in the state was filed on May 15, and took place near Nampa. This particular object was described as a "triangle," and was witnessed by two family members returning from a trip to Lake Lowell. The object was estimated to be about 300 yards in length, and remained in sight for approximately three minutes.

Unidentified aerial phenomenon have made international headlines in recent years after leaked military footage of unexplained crafts was released by pilots to the public back in September of 2019. The state of Idaho, particularly the southwest region, remains one of the most active as far as reports of such incidents in the United States.

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