Recently, the City of Twin Falls and the Idaho Transportation Department covered up the stop light at 2nd Ave West and Fairfield Street North and installed a stop sign to determine if a light was really needed there. According to their study, the light is not needed.

With that determination, the City of Twin Falls and the Idaho Transportation Department have decided to remove the stop light from that intersection and it will function as a two way stop.

2nd Avenue West is a one way street so I never really understood why a stop light would be needed there. In all fairness, I rarely drive through that intersection anyway so maybe when I drive through there is less traffic. The light has officially been covered for 90 days now in order for the study to be completed.

According to the study the removal of the street light will actually improve traffic flow and it no longer meets what they determine is the minimum requirements for a signal. According to the study, collisions, traffic volume and speed data were determining factors for the removal of the light.

The removal of the light will begin Wednesday January 20th and is expected to be completed by Friday January 22nd. If you travel that area often you may want to avoid that intersection until after the light removal has been completed.

You can read more details on the study here.

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