Surely, this can't be legal, right? There's a new video of three guys flying down Bogus Basin Road in Boise. Yes, this is street luge and it's as terrifying as it sounds.

Check out this video and see what you think.

I'm familiar with street luge, but that's on a closed course during a competition. As you can see in the video, there are plenty of other vehicles on the road while these guys are going down the hill.

I did some digging and can't find any specific laws that govern this. The only reference I could locate was on the Auld Over The Road website that mentioned a California law regarding skateboards and a certain grade of road limit.

I'm not trying to sound like anyone's mother, but this seems like a bad idea if there's other traffic around. Oh, well. To each his own I guess. I realize this concern probably sounds funny from a guy who lives in a town where people legally jump off of a bridge. But, you won't (normally) encounter a lot of vehicles on the way down to the Snake River.

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