Every start of summer it seems some Internet source compiles a list of top camping pet peeves to gear us up for weekends away in the great outdoors. While we love our dogs and can't fathom camping without their company, others aren't so thrilled when we pull up to sites throughout the state and let Fido jump out of the truck.

I've done a lot of camping in my days. I find it's not so much dogs that are a pet peeve of mine when camping, but instead, it's many dog owners that tend to suck. Even though my family is currently without a furry friend because she passed in late 2021, from 2008 to just last summer, our bulldog came camping with us just about every summer, and she was never not leashed up.

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I've been on the receiving end of crappy camping neighbors who don't watch their dogs and let them poop where they please. I woke up one weekend morning in the Sawtooth Mountains to the smell of a fresh pile just a few feet from my tent, and it wasn't our dogs.

RVtravel.com found that America's number one camping pet peeve is dogs that crap in sites not reserved by their owners. In fact, dogs made up four of the top 10 camping frustrations in the United States, according to the road trip site. Number two was unleashed dogs running wild, with number three being dogs barking excessively. Finally, the number sixth complaint was kids taking family dogs into neighboring sites.

Massive fires burning until the wee hours of the morning, boozing it up and being too loud, and campers taking the wrong site also made the list.

Can't we all just get along?

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