Being new to the trailer-pulling game, there are still some things I'm learning. We hauled ours out to a nearby reservoir in the summer of 2022 for its maiden voyage and learned that our neighbors can sometimes do some very peculiar things.

I fulfilled a much-anticipated leisure milestone last summer when my wife and I purchased a 19-foot, Wildwood travel trailer. It's not the fanciest in the fleet, but it has everything we wanted and more. Our first weekend away with it we spent at a local reservoir, and we had a blast.

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Being the novice trailer owner I am, the only hiccup in the entire weekend was when we drove off after emptying the gray water with a section of the hose still sitting on our spare tire. Lesson learned.

Loose dogs, crazy loud music, and not hauling off trash are probably the worst offenses campers make when occupying space with strangers. The website also mentioned another pet peeve that many trailer owners have when it comes to camping in the great outdoors with fellow haulers, and it involves sewage hoses.

Improperly emptying or cleaning out hoses at hook-up sites is the worst offense a trailer owner can make, according to the leisure site. Using campsite spigots or tables to clean hoses is a huge no-no. These chores should be done at the closest waste station and NOT at campsites.

The weather in the Magic Valley has gotten pretty nice as of late, and many trailer owners will be taking them out on the road for the first adventure of 2023 in the coming days and weeks. Remember to leave sites the way you found them for the next family that reserves it.

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