Before you get mad at Subway, know that this was actually created by "The Onion" as a way to poke fun at the disturbing September 11th promotions that actually happened, unlike this one.

September 11th should not be seen as a promotional opportunity.  It should always be respected and honored.  However, around September 11th of this year actual brands like AT&T, Marriott and others created promotions wrapped around Patriot Day.

There's no doubt that this is disgusting.  As for "The Onion" they use humor to show just how horrendous these kinds of promotions can be.

On the bright side, it seems that Subway took the highroad on this with their tweet referencing the fake promotion


In this video, this Subway location honored the offer and kept their mouths shut.  Very smart and big of them.

I get that this fake Subway promotion is just plain horrible and makes me sick to my stomach and angry.  I do know that the point "The Onion" is trying to make is spot on.  Brands who use the almost 3,000 murders as a way to promote their product or service are just plain trash and someone should be fired.

What do you think?


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