A lifestyle and parenting website geared toward U.S. mothers recently shared data on restaurant trends, and compiled a list of some of the fast food and eatery chains that are closing locations throughout the country at a more rapid pace than others.

A November, 2019, release by the parenting website Mommyish, recently took a look at some of the country's struggling food chains, and included information on 29 companies that have been showing signs of trending downward in recent months. According to data shared in the release from Mommyish, Subway is one of the food chains expected to close more locations across the United States.

In 2015, the spokesperson for the company, Jared Fogle, who's commercials chronicling his more than 240 pound weight loss got the attention of the American public, accepted a guilty plea deal for alleged involvement with child pornography. Fogle maintained his weight loss was due to a diet consisting of solely Subway sandwiches, which helped boost earnings for the sandwich chain. In 2018, the chain closed more than 1,000 stores.

Subway also made national news over its 2014 removal of a controversial dough-strengthening additive found to be common in bread making, but that some in the medical profession alleged increased risks of certain cancers. It's not known exactly how much the negative media exposure for the company in 2014 and 2015 affected profits.

Applebee's was also included in the November report as a restaurant currently experiencing its share of financial struggles in the U.S. Since 2018, close to 100 locations have ceased to operate. Applebee's opened its first location in Georgia in 1980.

Both chains currently operate in Twin Falls, but no reports of local closures have been made publicly.


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